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  2014-09-14   Announcements for Sunday 09.14.2014
  2014-09-07   Announcements for Sunday 09.07.2014
  2014-08-31   Announcements for Sunday 08.31.2014
  2014-08-24   Announcements for Sunday 08.24.2014
  2014-08-17   Announcements for Sunday 08.17.2014
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2014-08-17 日曜日         
Announcements for Sunday 08.17.2014
Welcome to Tokyo Shibuya Evangelical Church.
We are happy to have you here today. Let’s worship God together!
Please ask for a Welcome Card if you are a 1st time visitor.

8/17 (Sun.) 1st Service: 10:30 A.M.; 2nd Service: 1:00 P.M.
Children’s Sunday School and “Youth” Junior/High School Students’ Meeting (1:00 P.M.)
Shibuya Harvest?A which is in English and Japanese?A is not scheduled for today. Shibuya Harvest gathers at 6 P.M. on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Please join us on Aug. 24.

3.This Week
8/17 (Sun.) Ginosko Foundational Training - in Japanese and Korean (3:30 P.M.)
8/19 (Tue.)-8/23 (Sat.) Morning Prayer Meeting (7:00 A.M.)
8/20 (Wed.) Wednesday Worship - in Japanese and Korean (7:00 P.M.)*
8/22 (Fri.) Friday Prayer Meeting - in Japanese and Korean (7:30 P.M.)*
* English translation is available.

4.Next Sunday
8/24 (Sun.) 1st Service: 10:30 A.M.; 2nd Service: 1:00 P.M.
Children’s Sunday School and “Youth” Junior/High School Students’ Meeting (1:00 P.M.)
Shibuya Harvest will gather on Aug. 24 from 6 p.m. The speaker is Carolyn Hollands.

5.Please join us in PRAYER for:
for the evangelization of all of Japan and for Tohoku’s recovery; for the restoration of Korea and the Korean Church; that through Shibuya Harvest and our Korean classes?A the door for the Gospel would be opened; for the Sunday School and Youth Group’s spiritual revival; for the growth of the Small Group ministry and for the restoration of worship; for Biblical restoration through the Ginosko Training; that each believer in the church would be committed to prayer; for those who are sick and for those who are abroad; for Deacon Kim Sungjin and Deacon Choi Sungbok’s recovery; for SICAP in the Philippines; for Changwon Namsan Church’s mission; for Rev. Issac Jea and the Yokohama International Christian Community; for Rev. Minoru Kitano and Jubilee Churchs mission to Japanese living in America; for Rev. Sonju Moon’s mission to study-abroad students studying in Korea; for Pastor Chon Chun Fans work with the hop Project in Korea; for Young Suk Kim’s (the wife of the late Rev. Samuel Kim) mission to the Japanese in Korea; for Assistant Pastor Hidekazu Ishii and his work at Sengendai Church; for the Japan Christian & Missionary Alliance; for Pastor Emeritus Rev. David Kim and his family; for those serving in church leadership

6.Community Events and Information:
(1) On Sun.?A Aug. 17?A please place orders for the September Living Life with your small group leader.
(2) From Mon.?A Aug. 18 to Wed.?A Aug. 27?A Hiro Ochia will participate in a short-term mission trip to Turkey. Lets pray that all that is scheduled would be completed safely.
(3) On Mon.?A Aug. 18?A from 10 a.m.?A we will host the Japan Alliance Pastors Meeting in our Fellowship Hall.
(4) On Sat.?A Aug. 23?A from 6 p.m.?A in the sanctuary we will host the Encounter Worship Service. Let us invite our friends and attend this evangelistic opportunity. This concert is in cooperation with the Hollands-Horii Ministry.
(5) On Sun.?A Aug. 24?A after the Second Service small groups?A we will have a Church Steering Committee Meeting.
(6) On Sat.?A Aug. 30?A from 2 p.m.?A we will have our Special Cleaning Day.
(7) From Wed. Sept. 10?A we will restart our Intermediate Ginosko Training entitled?A The Riches of the Gospel. Like previously?A the Wednesday evening training will begin at 7 p.m. and the Saturday evening training will begin at 6 p.m. The Foundational Ginosko Training takes place from 3:30 p.m. on Sundays.
(8) From Sun.?A Sept. 14 to Mon.?A Sept. 15?A we will participate in the Japan Alliance Family Camp. We are responsible for dinner preparation on the first day and leading worship on the second day. Therefore?A please participate and cooperate. For more details?A please see the registration form. The camp will be held at the Machida Youth Center.
(9) On Sat.?A Sept. 20?A from 1 p.m.?A we will have a QT Seminar. Senior Pastor of Tokyo Onuri Church Chan Jae Yoon will lead the seminar.
(10) The CS is taking applications for teachers. For those wanting to serve together?A please inform CS Leader Mo Kyurae.
(11) Lets definitely attend the Ginosko Training and Friday Prayer Meetings.
* For those who would like counseling and/or a home visit from our Senior Pastor Young Kim?A please ask his wife Mrs. Hyuna Kim.

7.Church Facilities Stewardship and Cleaning: 8/17 (Sun.) Group C 8/23 (Sat.) Group 4 and Group 2

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